The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

Well, they knew it was coming, so we might as well get it over with. The staff at Camera Electronic could not well tun away when I turned up at the 50th Birthday Sellabration last Friday. They were gracious – or resigned – enough to pose for pictures. I am grateful.

a. The number girls.

These ladies crunch numbers all day. When you pay, they know it. When I get paid, they do it. Treat them with affection and respect.


Now remember that someone has to put out the fires in the camera battery compartments and chisel the spots off the sensors…

And someone has to take orders on-line and make sense of them, even if it isn’t easy. Calm, steady, patient.

Someone has to keep the warehouse in order and make sure that there actually are goods on the shelves to sell.

And someone actually has to sell them to you.

And someone has to be able to sort me out when I come in all confused by the complexities of colour management and picture resizing and not get exasperated by it all.

And the last is the best – the heading image. It’s not often that I see a perfect shot happen right in front of me – let alone be prepared for it. I may be chased from the place for this one, but I like it. The smiling cat is courtesy of Houndstooth Studio but the smiling salesperson is all Camera Electronic.

Because the people who work there want to work there, and want to make your visit happy too. All it needs is for you to walk in and look around.

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