Put Your Money Down And Go Away – Gitzo

Put Your Money Down And Go Away – Gitzo

I am not being rude to either you or Gitzo.

When you give them money and they hand you a product it may be the last time you see each other. The things they supply are so well made that you would be hard pressed to break them in a lifetime. Their best bet for repeat business is to keep designing unique camera supports – you may never woear out the last thing you bought but you might be so pleased with it that you’ll come back with more money.

Thus the studio three-way head you see in the top image. The GHF 3W.

Under a kilo weight. Supports 13 Kg.

Arca/Swiss plate included.

Three way fluid damped.

Foldable levers.

Horizontal/vertical option when tilted.

Locking lever to keep camera on head even when you lose yours.

Rotatable levelling bubble.

The price is serious folding money but if you want a rock-solid head for your rock-solid Gitzo tripod here it is.

I can’t have one because I haven’t finished my Gitzo Studex 5 and large format head yet. It’s been holding studio cameras since 1990 and I still haven’t chewed it up. I am starting to think it won’t break, but I will.


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