Head Scratchin’ Time

Head Scratchin’ Time

As I go around the various premises of Camera Electronic ( and that’s a statement in itself…three shops!) I depend upon my scalp to help out.

You see I am looking for things to write about. I’m not allowed to peep into the accountancy books or the computer system so that’s off limits and I have to look closely at the stock to find inspiration. My scalp tingles when I come across something that’s interesting – it can be a good bargain ( or a bad one occasionally ) or a new product, or a new idea. When the follicles itch I know there’s a story*.

Well this Think Tank bag caught me out in Murray Street – probably because I have not looked at their products for years. They have grown stylish in the interim.

They have always been well-built. They sew them in Asia for the world market and have taken design advice from real photographers    as to how much capacity is needed and how the protection is to be done.

This one’s catch point is the leather flap covering the bag.  The material is both stylish and practical – it has enough water resistance to protect the interior and looks well enough to let the user take it to all venues. Don’t laugh at that – I carry two bags for different jobs and have been ragged in both fancy and basic venues for carrying the wrong one. Mine both cover the same lenses and bodies but one looks naff and one looks nifty. I now assess my clients and choose the one best suited. With the Think Tank Retrospective 5 Leather you can bluff your way anywhere.

Inside? Camera (DSLR or mirror-less), a couple of small lenses or one big zoom, spare batteries…perhaps the charger if you’re travelling. Though if you’re carrying other luggage put the charger and cord in your other bag or just take the block and depend on your hotel to provide a kettle cord. Unlike the contents of the mini bar, they won’t charge for it…

Leather edges are functional as well as stylish. Ditto the shoulder pad. Remember, however, that there are no prizes for carrying too much gear around with you all the time…unless they are presented by your physiotherapist. If you are stuffing the convenient pockets in this Think Tank bag with Voltaren, there’s a message there.

*  Chili’ll do it too. Good chili – not the tourist stuff.

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