That’s What Murphy Thinks

That’s What Murphy Thinks

And Murphy should know. After all he writes an internationally-known internet site and it has advertisements on it and everything. I mean, if he was just trying to sell stuff, the government would arrest him…right?

Pardon the bad typing…there are sirens outside the door and someone is on a megaphone yelling at the window.

It may seem a little strange that the writer of a column selling cameras and lenses would think he has to warn you that advertising was going on…I mean it’s not exactly subliminal flashes on a movie screen after all. Not that I really believe that sort of thing went on. Excuse me – I need to go out for popcorn and a Coke…

Back now. You have no idea what they charge for popcorn these days. I’m getting a red-flash SMS message from the credit card company. It’s all right, Guys. I got it with butter and salt and that always costs a bit more.

If you have been getting impatient waiting for the camera column to start, relax. You’re soaking in it. And the longer you soak, the more money comes out. But here are few little tips to make the bath more pleasant:

a. Read all the special adverts and catalogues that emanate from the shop. They are getting better – evidence of professional graphic design – and they are more organised. You can find the bit you are interested in easily. And there may, indeed, be a bargain in there for you.

b. Times is hard and money is tight and prices is either going up or coming down. Watch the net for the latter. You’ll see cash-backs from the major makers and the shop itself from time to time. SHop for what you really want and take advantage of these shamelessly.

c. Older equipment that is being superseded is still cutting edge compared to what the previous model to that was. The new stuff coming out will one day be remainders. Don’t get mad at this – jump into the stream as soon as you like and get some use out of the gear that is becoming cheaper.

d. If you mourn the passing of the gadget bag full of mechanical accessories that you never quite had an occasion to use, take heart. You can now get an equal number of electronic gadgets that will be just as useful. Many of them will be virtual things that will take up no room while they are being ignored.

e. You do not need permission from the government to change your mind and to switch to a new camera system. The shop will aid you all the way.

f. What you think about your images is far and away more important to you than what other people think. You’ll always find praise and condemnation from people who haven’t made them – you don’t need to add much to it yourself, but you can be calmly proud of nearly anything you can see.

And that’s a wrap for Christmas, which is today. Your writer is enjoying a family and friend day and planning how to start building his presents. I hope it is all as good for you.



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