Peak’s Legs

Peak’s Legs

I was trying to get a catchy title that played on Pike’s Peak but nothing came of it – you’re safe for awhile…I’m still thinking.

What started it out was a chance to see the new Peak Design tripod in the Stirling Street Shop. I knew it existed but I had no idea it would be so nice – or so odd.

Don’t read that the wrong way – odd as in a unique design. Some maker’s products are same/same but Peak Design always seem to have a new approach to some part of what they make. They may be dodging patent attorneys. In the case of the tripod I think the design delights are the leg profiles and the head platform.

The legs first:

Older photographers will remember a number of tripods in the film era that used rectangular-section aluminium for the leg material, In some cases it was even more complex than this, and the tripods – Bilora, Linhof, etc. had lovely stiff legs that did not need plastic collars or slot-ways to remain rigid.

Peak have decided to go away from round-section legs for just this reason. And the bonus is you get a leg that can have more metal but snuggle closer to its two mates when you fold it together. Note the locks are multiple and have a good degree of leverage – you needn’t bust a fingernail trying to get them open.

The head:

This is on the end of a slim center column – also not a round cross section – that terminates in a large smooth ball. The platform rides this ball and grips it to lock. The lock is achieved by rotating that milled collar.

Above the collar is another lock, but this time for the Arca-Swiss-sized plate grip. You pull the claw down to release the plate and push it up to grip.

Both controls seem commendably firm in their action.

Note that the thing is designed to snuggle neatly under a Peak Design backpack or messenger pack. For when you go overseas. Eventually…


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