” Which Camera Would YOU Buy? “

” Which Camera Would YOU Buy? “

The question.

If you are known to be connected with the photo trade – seller or shooter – or with the art or science or hobby or culture of it – someone will bail you up at a barbecue and ask you. You can grasp your chest and sink senseless to the ground but they’ll still pester you as the ambos stretcher you away. ” Is the Flapoflex better than the Digiclunk? Which lens should I get? How much discount do I get? Hello? Hello? Are you conscious?  Hello? ”

Save yourself the theatre and the St. John’s fee. Have an answer ready instead.

The short one will be to name the camera that you own. Just a word will be all that is needed to send your questioner off to someone else armed with this – they’ll ask the same question again and get a different answer. Then off to a third one…and they won’t be a satisfied customer no matter where they go.

A better reply would be to ask what sorts of picture the person likes to take. And what sort of subjects. That’s a good approach because people like to talk about themselves. They may actually provide useful answers and you can start to build up a case for one or other type of camera – and for particular brands that meet their needs. Inveterate sales persons are on duty even with a sausage in a bun in one hand and a beer in the other and they can sell while chewing.

Sometimes the question is just social padding – sometimes it is genuine. The safest thing to do is always treat it as the latter and try to give a helpful response. If it’s just small talk the small talker will wander off in search of potato salad – but if it’s real you may make an enthusiast and gain a customer.

BTW. The camera I would buy is the camera I bought. You can tell I was right – for me – by the fact that I have kept it through all the subsequent generations of the marque. But I steer clear of the guys in the shop in case they decide to sell me the latest model. You might have sales resistance nerves of steel – mine are tinfoil.


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