A Modern Point Of View

A Modern Point Of View

I have sometimes been accused of being old-fashioned and taking an outdated point of view. I do not grow angry at this – I merely take out my buggy whip and thrash the critic. I like a bit of exercise of a morning…

The point of view that Peak Design have taken with their P.O.V. kit seen in today’s post is that of either the adventurer or traffic policemen who wishes to have everything that happens in front of them recorded.* It is a mounting bracket for the action cameras that have proved so popular in the few years.

It’s no surprise to see that it has a standardised GoPro tilt mechanism – this is, after all, the most common of the action cameras foiund in the general market. There are others, but the craze settled eventually to favour the GoPro shape. The bracket is intended to mate with the Peak Design Capture Clip V1, V2, or V3 – sold separately.

It means that you can clap the thing on the strap of a backpack, belt, or any other perch on your body to record whatever you are doing.. ittilta and pans as required and once tightened is quite rigid. This is particularly the case with Peak Design backpacks, which we also sell.

I realise you may not be travelling overseas with this rig any time soon, but you can go out to the border at Eucla and look at South Australia before the cops tell you to go home. Film yourself doing it.

* I note the last policeman to pull me over was wearing something similar on the front of his barely-disguised flak jacket, as was his partner. The temptation, when confronted with a lens and a microphone, to go into a song and dance act from a Broadway show or do a tap number is sometimes nearly overpowering. I think that’s why they carry pistols.

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