It’s Simple If You Follow The Directions

It’s Simple If You Follow The Directions

Just insert the safety locking pin to prevent the striker from hitting the detonator when the trembler switch is activated. Unless you are working on the Typ 15, in which case you need to put the de-gaussing wire around the entire casing before unscrewing the cover.

Or let your assistant do it while you watch from the other side of the football oval.

I’ve lost the instructions for the Epson V700 scanner, but I’ll bet they can be downloaded from the net. New purchasers of the V800 and V900 series scanners will get a pretty comprehensive booklet in the box and it pays to read all the divisions – there may be things you’ll want to do differently later.

But following advice and directions has sometimes led to getting to the wrong destination. Take the example of the colour slides seen on the heading image. From a honeymoon trip to Sweden in 1973, taken on a Leica M2, using Agfachrome CT18 film. Then stored according to all the best advice of that day – vertical hangers in a dry, cool place. And the best plastic sleeves of the day.

The only part of this that was good was the honeymoon and the Leica M2. The honeymoon is still going strong, and I suspect the Leica is too. The slides have become chromatic parodies of themselves and the plastic sleeves are something that I wouldn’t store at Porton Down or Dugway. The sleeves seem to be leaking some form of clear greasy fluid  – I suspect it is the plastic disintegrating after decades. It is just as well that I have now got time to do some salvage.

The sleeves were the standard item of the 70’s – purchased from a professional photographic dealer ( not us, I might add…) and seemed to be all that you’d want at the time. I suspect the material was related to a lot of other clear plastics of the era that graced photo albums – and that have since been discarded as the prints inside them faded. Who knows whether the fading wasn’t accelerated by the nature of the plastic? In any case, it has happened and someone in the industry seems to have rcognised the fact. They have issued new forms of hanging storage sleeves made from a different form of plastic.

I’ve invested in a half-carton of them. The plastic is clearer, thinner, stiffer. The shape is much the same but I am banking that the results will be different. Each slide – even the sadly discoloured ones – will be cleaned and rehoused. In the process, they will be scanned and tucked away into the digital storage system for use in weblog posts and blackmail demands.

But this is going to take an effort. I’ll monitor the process as it is done to let you know the sort of individual time that might be required to do it. Then you can weigh up a do-it-yourself approach to that of letting a commercial firm handle it. No advice either way, as you can best judge how to use your time and money.

I’ve got two weeks excused from school to try it out. Day Two here at the blanket fort is working out fairly well.


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