Style At Close Distance

Style At Close Distance

Well, you know me by now. Close-up pictures galore and somewhat of a Fujifilm fanboy, but there are still a lot of things I don’t know about the subject or the equipment – and I am driven as much by idle curiosity as by scientific zeal. The good thing about idle curiosity is that you can do it when you’re idle…

The Fujifilm XF10 popped along several years ago into the stylish and compact end of the Fujifilm range – it seems to have been intended for the minimalist traveller or the stylish casual user. I got to wondering if it had any serious place in my own camera range. While I haven’t decided to pop for one – I’ve got five more Fujifilm bodies all about the place – I took the opportunity of a visit to Murray Street to test it out.

Note on tests: since I subscribed to the Adobe package, I have fast access to a number of RAW decoding options. Pretty near as soon as something is ready to sell here in Perth, it will have been added to Adobe Camera Raw and I can make it work. I hate the subscription model but I love the updates. I know Fujifilm OOC jpegs are some of the best in the business, but I still need backup for when I get something slightly wrong.

Okay, no model airplanes down at Murray Street to take pictures of ( Though I could supply any number of them if Domenic would clear the shelves of cameras…) so I grabbed a Hähnel charger module and 5¢ and put them on the product table. The light was from the camera’s little flash tube and the overhead lights. Auto WB and sighting through the LCD screen. The only way to do it, unfortunately.

There was no need to worry about what zoom setting to use, as the lens is a fixed 18mm focal length. The scene module was most useful as it realised I was doing a macro shot and took care of the settings. You can ask for a dedicated macro setting as well.

Pretty good for 5¢, though the table could use some fresh paper.

Very good for a close shot. Good enough to go into a studio if you have some steady lighting. Plenty good enough for travel closeups and flowers. This camera may look like a handbag accessory, but it really can produce the goods.

If the Champagne Gold palls, there is a full black version available at the same price.


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