Grippy Gorilla

Grippy Gorilla

Sounds like a Hanna – Barbera character, doesn’t it. Grippy Gorilla And His Jungle Pals. We’ll be back after this advertisement for Pure-Sugar Cereal…

This is another of the Joby good ideas to let the mobile phone photographer cope with the need for real photography in real life – without having to haul real equipment.

If that sounds condescending, please forgive me. We would like nothing more than to sell Gitzo, Surui, Benro, and Three Legged Thing tripods to mobile phone users. To send them out with a complete Manfrotto video tripod and pan-tilt head. Plus LED light panels and tripod spikes for pictures of glaciers. But it ain’t gonna happen – phone photographers value portability and light weight and are prepared to accept horrible results because of this.

I know –  a dancer bounced me at a recent hafla and handed me her Samsung so that I could video her performance on stage. the fact that I was shooting a full Fujifilm X-T2 and zoom rig – and firing a fixed Elinchrom studio light with it – didn’t occur to her. I did the balancing act and am proud of myself for it, but I shouldn’t like to have to watch that video any time soon.

What she needed was one of these Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse jobs. Go through the long-winded name and you’ll discover it to be a Joby mobile phone clamp attached to three little Gorilla arms. The fancy bit is the powerful magnets at the ends of the arms in the red balls. They’ll plaster this like a limpet mine to any ferrous surface and then you just bend it to point the mobile phone in the right direction.

The other neat feature is the little black button box that stores on the grip. It’s a Bluetooth controller for the phone – you can use it as a remote release to either cut out vibration or to take selfies. And no-one – even the most dedicated minimalist traveller – could complain about the size and weight of the rig.

Do I use my Samsung for photography? Only in the direst of straits – I object to paying the phone company to store the images and I have enough trouble figuring out how to send messages as it is.

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