” Well, Lenses Aren’t Worth Anything These Days…”

” Well, Lenses Aren’t Worth Anything These Days…”

” Dime a dozen. Get ’em in pawnshops. No-one wants ’em. ”

Yeah? Sure. That’ll be why this Leica lens in the secondhand Leica cabinet at Murray Street has the price tag on it… People might not think they want kit lenses ( mistakenly ) or third-party lenses ( mistakenly ) or lots of other mistakes for lots of other reasons… but they can all stand back and stand quietly when it comes to Leica glass.

This lens was made in the Midland, Ontario plant of Leitz when they had a subsidiary factory there between the 1950’s and 1990’s. The German firm knew that a large proportion of their market was in North America and the Canadian government assisted them to locate there. Cameras, lenses, and accessories were all produced over the decades and customers could be assured the manufacturing standards that were the foundation of the German production were fully maintained. Eventually the decision was taken to move production back to Solms in Germany – and later to Wetzlar – but the legacy of the Canadian facories is still out there. Because Leica lenses do not stop doing what they are famous for with just a few decades wear.

This also means that they do not stop costing more than other lenses. This secondhand lens still bears a serious price – fully reflecting the fact that it can clip straight onto any M-series Leica and continue serving perfectly as before. The rangefinder spectacles may be specific for some models of film camera but the basic glass will still integrate with anything. This is a superb short telephoto lens looking for work.

Got a Leica? Give it a job.

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