An Alternative…

An Alternative…

I am going to have to be careful with this post – I wish to make a comparison to a mega giant of industry. I am well aware that they have lawyers and I don’t. So it will be no names and no pack drill.

I bought a computer – which is recording this column right now. It is the fourth major product from a well-known manufacturer, and it is doing the job pretty well. So did two of the other major products from this same firm…until they failed. So I’m happy with two out of four purchases but I’m under no illusion that what I’ve got will last forever.

Neither am I under that same illusion regarding the accessories I get to feed these purchases. I note that the charging cord for one is breaking apart. That’s life, and I’ll be back at their store when the wire strands part. Sigh…

But I will record my experience with the San Disk products. Apart from the times I have stepped on or laundering one of their products – and I do not expect them to recover from that treatment – I have never had one go bad. I’ve outgrown them, or found more convenient ways to do things, but they haven’t dudded me.

This gives me great confidence in the San Disk Extreme Pro SD UHSII – USB-C reader. It may have the general shape of a product that cannot be named but I suspect it will be a darned sight better behaved. For those who use the USB-C connection, I think you can buy this one with some confidence.

And it won’t take a genius to tell you how to use it, either.

Note: I think the people who devised the advertising and naming for memory cards peaked themselves out a little early. They went to Ultra, Extreme, Pro, and Ultimate far too early. They should have worked up to it with Adequate, Not That Bad, A Little Better, and I Suppose It Could Have Been Worse before heading for the big time.

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