Buy More Than One

Buy More Than One

Make two people happy – yourself and our accountant.

Gather in, Canon enthusiasts who want to work with small, light cameras, lenses, and flashes but want to work in a sophisticated manner. We have a flash idea for you.

The Canon  Speedlite EL 100 may not look like the brightest flash you have ever seen – it has a guide number of 26  – but it gives you a chance to think on different terms than just the old blast o’ light from the camera position. We’ve all done that, and we ‘ll continue to do it when it serves a good purpose ( Note that the illustration shots were taken using a portable product studio and a blast o’ light from the hot shoe of a Fujifilm camera. BO’L is fine when you need frontal illumination. ) but there are times when art or science needs more light from more directions.

This is the principle of the studio flash set of strobes and the $6000 worth of reflectors, softboxes, and triggers. If you need ’em, we got ’em, and don’t lets let the little matter of the six grand stand in the way. But if your needs are more modest and your lighting area smaller, consider a few EL 100s as a solution.

You see the flash has the ability to act as transmitter or receiver for its own optical signals. In other words, one flash on the camera for some part of the illumination and then a couple more to do the rest.. They are light – 190 g. each – run on a couple of AA batteries apiece – and could be supported by mini-tripods easily.

You can bounce ’em, zoom ’em, and afford ’em – and a small multi setup packs into a very small area. If you are looking at the new mirror-less system as a way of saving weight and space…


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