Does This Lens Feel Funny To You?


Does This Lens Feel Funny To You?

Well, no. Or yes, if that would be better…I’m not quite sure how funny lenses ever are…

You bought it online from Lenses R Us in Fortitude Valley but apparently they don’t appear on the web browser anymore? Sort of a stealth camera shop, I presume…Well, the humour of the lens is starting to appear, now that you come to think of it…

Don’t be too concerned if the lens makes a noise as it works. A lot of lenses do that – they have electronic motors inside to do the autofocusing and these can be audible. Indeed, some manufacturers have realised that the noise can interfere with the use of the camera for video work and have made re-designs that incorporate silent motors. The still photographer may not notice this but the videographer can breath a ( silent ) sigh of relief.

And some lenses have mechanisms inside to reduce the effects of vibration – you’ll see they have the words VR, OS, IS, or  VC in the name somewhere – not at the same time, as these are different makers. Well, some of those mechanisms can have a rattle to them when they are not being used – indeed some of them make a little clack noise as they work,

Some lenses have a degree of what one could only describe as looseness in their zooming elements and can seem to slop around when not under direct control. One manufacturer realises that people want to have different feels and has a friction collar that snubs the zoom ring – this is a very good idea. Other manufacturers just rely on tight tolerances at the start of the lens’ life and loose ones later…

But if you have one of the Special Lenses From The Internet ( and they need not be from Queensland – you can get them from Hong Kong and Oklahoma as well…) that has passed what we like to call Negative Quality Control, you may have Special Noises. Or Special Feelings. Sometimes you can look into them and see Special Things.

Our service department can investigate this for you – it might cost a bit to do this as it takes time, tools, and occasionally a bucket of bleach. Keep trying to get Fortitude Valley on the phone and remember to keep your sense of humour.

PS: If the paper you got from Fortitude Valley says Warrenty it means your lens will be fixed by Warren…

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