Hoodman Memory Cards Now in Store


Hoodman Memory Cards Now in Store

We have just received our first big shipment of the Hoodman RAW Professional CF and SD memory cards.

We are still waiting on stock of the 4GB CF and 32GB SD but aside from that have the whole range of stock in right now.  Prices on these cards are;

    • 32GB CF  $599inc GST
    • 16GB CF  $349inc GST
    • 8GB CF    $199inc GST
    • 16GB SD  $179inc GST
    • 8GB SD    $99inc GST
    • 4GB SD    $65inc GST

These cards are probably more expensive than the cards you have been buying but for the extra cost you get jumps in speed and reliabilty which the other cards can’t match.

Check out our earlier blog for details and demos of the benefits of these Hoodman Professional memory cards.

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