New Products from Black Rapid in store now!


New Products from Black Rapid in store now!

Most of you should be very familiar with the black rapid sling straps… and if you dont well save yourself the embarrassment and head to their website now and check them out because they really are something special. they’ve just released 2 new straps to their range… the SnapR and the  RS-Sport.

The SnapR is Black Rapid’s answer to a Case/ Sling strap for compacts and pocket-sized video cameras. The SnapR features the same design as their rs-4,5 &7 but has a small pouch which the camera is protected in when not in use but allows you to easily access your camera when you need it more. Only $69.95 and available in store now.

The RS-Sport is Black Rapid’s answer to those who want to be a little more active while shooting. It features a strap which attaches under your arm to hold it closer to your body and stop it from bouncing around while your actively shooting. it also holds the strap comfortably in place so you can focus more on taking photos and less on adjusting your strap. At only $99.95 and available instore now, it makes the perfect christmas gift.

For more info or to check out their entire range click the link below
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