I Used To Get Yelled At…

I Used To Get Yelled At…

For doing a lot of things:

a. Sticking things in my ears.

As a kid, body cavities are fascinating. They are there to be explored. We used to see if crayons would fit up our nose and how far fingers could go into ears. Spoiler: no, they don’t come out the other ear…that is just the cartoons. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

But now you are not only allowed to do it, but actively encouraged to the practice. Shops sell things to do it. We are one of them.

You won’t be able to clean your ears, but there will be good music available. Here’s how – the Sennheiser company have entered the market for earbuds – individual sound devices that you can plug in to channel Bluetooth music to you wherever you are from your digital devices. This does not work with all gear – I tried it out with my old Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and got nothing. I may be doing something wrong. But if you are a young, hip, and technically-competent customer, we can assure you that WANDERLUST has a set for plugs for you. All different sorts of them, with increasing technical specs as you pay more.

You must decide how much your ears can take. The people surrounding you will not be affected, as these superb little speakers do not leak noise. If you are deaf at the end of the 1812 overture, it will be a private affliction. ( Ask me about the 1812 overture when you next meet me, but be aware that I will horrify you…).

b. For playing my music too loud.

Marching music needs to be loud. John Philip Souza was not bashful. Neither was Piefke. To reduce them to a whisper always seemed a travesty.

You may have felt the same about the Rolling Stones or Elvis or anyone who made use of amplified music in their acts. If you had a garage band you were in the garage for a good reason. If it was a good garage you were maddening the neighbours with a Marshall. Big, black, rugged and LOUD.

Relive those days. Deafen the neighbours, your spouse, the children, etc with a new Bluetooth speaker by the famous name. You’ll have a choice of a lot more style these days, as well as a great deal more convenience when you stream your collection through one.

The controls on the top, however, will be instantly familiar to even the oldest audiophile.

These speakers are available small, medium, and large and there is no excuse for being socially responsible once you get your hands on one. You can let yourself go.

Expect the grandchildren to complain about the noise, if you do it right.

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