Proof Of Concept Is Just A Starting Point…

Proof Of Concept Is Just A Starting Point…

I met a man one day who took pictures with film cameras – a number of different makes and models.

They were competently focused and exposed and he made notes about the exposures. Since this was long before digital photography was even thought of, the results were put down onto monochrome and colour negative films, with the occasional roll of colour transparency. I don’t believe he processed the films himself – in those days there were many developing services around town. He did keep careful records that matched the results to the shooting notes.

There were tests of cameras, lenses, flashes, and films. Perhaps of tripods or other accessories too, for all I know. All done honestly and with care.

And no other pictures that I knew of. A magnificent body of test work but no conclusions drawn that proceeded to help him make art of any kind. I felt very sad about this.

At the same time I was thrashing about, photographically speaking, with a succession of cameras and lenses. I tried lots of films on lots of subjects…and I have the grotty negatives and fugitive-colour slides to show for it. And memories of times, people, and places to look back to. No notebooks about results…just the actual results themselves.

Moral? Test away, and test fairly. Keep records. Read and learn. SHare your results if you’ve a mind to. But get out there at last and use the things you find out about to good purpose. Even if your photography is not perfect, it is an ongoing record of your life. That’s never going to be perfect either, but you still want to remember it.

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