The Gadget Bag Goods For the Good Gadget Bagger

The Gadget Bag Goods For the Good Gadget Bagger

You’re looking uneasy. It’s still December and you recall when you asked your photographer spouse what they wanted under the tree, they said ” Oh, Anything… “. What could possibly go wrong…?

Well, relax, Camera Electronic has you covered. They have a line of goods that will get you off the hook, no worries. The Hähnel company makes a number of accessories that make the life of the digital photographer a lot sweeter. And the joy of it is they make them in a variety that can accommodate cameras from many different makers.

I went to the accessory wall and pulled down something I could make use of myself: the Hähnel HRF 280 remote controller. That’s the heading image but pay attention and you’ll see that it is echoed by four other variants. They accommodate Nikon, Canon, S0ny, and Olympus/Panasonic cameras in the same way.












They’re wired remotes you plug into the sides of the cameras to autofocus and  fire the shutters. They can lock if you want to do time exposures. And they have a wonderful feature; they are built.












Okay, confession time. I have bought things from market stalls and eBay myself. And nearly all of them have had one saving grace – they didn’t last long. I’ve had a button remote for the Fujifilms from a No Name maker that lasted a week. And it is not like a switch for a camera does hard work – it’s just a switch. You press it and either it works or it doesn’t and if it fails you can’t even repair it.

Far better to get a Hähnel and depend on it. I use Hähnel flash triggers and they have gone well for years.



Now if your photographer already has a wired remote or a wireless trigger you need not despair. Hähnel also make a rather good time lapse and long exposure machine that can give the less sophisticated cameras a chance at special effects and star shots.

If your giftee is still dissatisfied, buy them a bottle of Ruritanian Holiday Fluid and leave the room…


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