Wet Lust

Wet Lust

And not the embarrassing kind either – I’m talking about the water-based fun that you can get with Wanderlust drones.

There are a lot of things you can do in the water besides your laundry. Swimming, surfing, fishing, etc. If it’s you alone you can propel yourself about on any number of electric surfboards or underwater torpedoes. And you can send out drones to do your bidding as well – possibly with more safety than going in yourself.

Take this one as an example – it’s dedicated to underwater photography as it slips through the shallows. Find a reef and some bright sun and you can Cousteau to your heart’s content in safety. Think of it as a guided action camera.

The rather dramatic image  ( courtesy of I’m not sure what I did… ) is of a different class of drone – this one is guided from the surface and can pass back an image that it sees whilst on a tether. This is for searching and finding – fish, treasure, etc. You stay on the boat or dock and  guide it via joysticks. while watching what it sees.

The winged vehicles are not drones – they are battery-operated vehicles that tow you underwater by means of the propellors in the housings either side.

Theres an action camera port on the front to record what you see as it drags you down. This is Sea Hunt material, and you’ll need to be good at all the rest of the Lloyd Bridges routine before you employ it. Be careful that it does not tow you too far or too deep to swim back to base.

The last drone is obviously an air platform, but it is dedicated air/sea. It’s a fishing drone. It can haul out lines an lures, bait, or camera for observation. it is splash resistant so that it can swoop closer to the surface of the water than some of the other pure air platforms.

Dedicated model builders will immediately see that it can also be fitted with very small torpedoes and will be planning for the opening day of the local sailing regatta with some relish. If you are no good on a moving target remember that the committee boat is generally anchored and they may not be keeping a sharp look out.



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