Doing A Course…

Doing A Course…

And we don’t mean antibiotics. Think about doing a course of instruction in some aspect of photography.

I was minding a table at the recent PhotoLive 2021 set very close to the lady you see in the heading image. Perth Learn Photography is an organisation that aims to do just what it says on the tin; help people to learn photo skills. Before you turn away, consider some ideas:

a. If you don’t know how to take photographs…you can learn. It’s not rocket science, even though some of the textbooks and technical websites may like to present it as such.

b. If you do know how to take photographs…you can still learn. I’ll guarantee there were a hundred photographers at the PhotoLive 2021 that know how to make better images than I do. If I could talk to each one in turn and learn all they knew I would be a better shooter, processor, printer, and salesperson. But I can’t meet them all – they have their own lives to lead. However if I attend a course I can meet some that want to meet me and pass on their skills.

c. The business has moved on faster than I have. While I don’t want to speed up all that much – retirement is a comfortable tune to play – I would still like to know what’s new that might benefit me. And it’s getting harder to get super-speed glass plates for the studio camera these days…

d. I know it all. And everything I know is right. Right? Wrong.

If I retract the old ego for a moment I can see that there are a lot of misconceptions I’ve been operating on for years. A new course of instruction may not correct past mistakes but it might keep me from making new ones.

If you are dead certain desperate serious about becoming the next superstar of the photographic world you can enrol in very expensive, quite selective, professional institutions and learn far more technical and artistic information than is comfortable. That’s one price you’ll pay. If you need a smaller degree of success mixed with a larger amount of happiness, you might try a series of courses with smaller institutions or firms. If you’ve talent, it will surface in either venue.

And you need not be a super hero to succeed. Work up your courage, look at the website information here about our shop’s workshops – or go further afield and look for other teachers. They are out there and you’ll find you enjoy learning a lot more than you ever did at high school. For a start, no-one has to do detention after school…and the acne has stopped.



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