Camera Electronic Reflections

Camera Electronic Reflections

Don’t worry – this won’t get maudlin. I remember the day the grizzly bear escaped from the circus and ran in to the Stirling Street Shop. I lasted 8 years on the staff and rarely mauled the customers…

The company would not have celebrated 50 years in existence – let alone prosperity – if it had not been for the founder, Ron Frank. Unfortunately you can only see him in a picture on the wall, but you can see a lot of what he did in the surrounding structure and people. The place has changed a great deal since I worked there, and undoubtedly will change more in the future – because the owners are open to change. Too many firms ( my practice included ) have been too set in their ways and unable to adapt to the crises and opportunities of the general business market.

Not CE. It’s made some very good decisions in the past. And some good decisions. And some decisions…

I was impressed with a lot of what I saw these last few years;

a. Styling the loo. How many cans have you ever been in that had cameras on the shelf?


b. The new gate. We always had one, but it was folded back at the start of the day and chaos could ensue in the back parking lot. Now it’s on a command system and the deliveries have to be rung in. Order has ensued.


c. The lifts – they work. No longer do goods go up the stairs in the arms of overworked staff members.  The warehouse staff are in command of the situation. Goodoh.

d. My replacement. Plumbed in and more efficient than ever I was. The lunch breaks – essential periods for the mental well-being of the staff – have become calmer and better.

Now this didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen as a surprise – the management had to think it through and make those good decisions I mentioned before. That is the advantage of a close-run family company – these ideas can be implemented without having to canvas a never-approving board of opinion. So hats off to Howard, Saul, and Adam. And hats off to the ladies in their lives as well…

And for the record; that isn’t a set-up. That’s really Saul…



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