All Hands…

All Hands…

a. On Deck!

b. Above the blankets…

c. On the workbench and busy.

If you are a hands-on sort of guy or gal, Wanderlust in Hay Street mall has some interesting toys for you. I say toys, because these kits are not going to work up to actual tools of trade…but they may make you a lot smarter and keep you a lot more entertained.

Robotics is a subject that we are all a little familiar with – because we’ve all seen the 1950’s science fiction movies. Klaatu Barada Nikto to you all. And we all drive cars that were put together by robots. In some cases at 5:00 on Friday…But few of us go beyond this to explore the things as such.

If you want to start building a little more understanding of the robot, you could do worse than invest in a robot kit from Wanderlust. The kits are made by mBot – and there are various levels of equipment that can be assembled. But they all operate with a STEM coding. That means you’ll be building and programming from your computer – actually designing what you want the robot to do.

Exciting? Scary? Too-hard basket? Well, you deal with too-hard baskets all the time and you’re reading this on a computer right now – why not stretch your mind a little and try one of the simpler kits. The components are extremely well-built and can go on to more complex projects as you advance. You may start out with a simple moving robot and end up with a robot butler, mine hunter, or federal politician.

If nothing else, use the excuse that it’s educational for the kids to justify getting one yourself and having fun.

Note to the person who enquired about doing fast home sensor cleans: No. Just no. Bring it into Stirling Street and have the tech do it properly.

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