The Oldest Working Dog

The Oldest Working Dog

I have started speculating about the old working dogs in the Perth photo scene. I hasten to add I do not mean the people – I have too much respect for the photographers to pry into their ages. Plus I want them to like me enough to buy me coffee and cake on occasion.

No, I mean the equipment. I don’t know the answer to these questions but I’d welcome answers to the column or in person from the people concerned. Who is shooting professionally with:

a. The oldest camera per se. What year was it purchased?

b. The oldest analog camera. What work are they tackling with it?

c. Ditto the oldest digital camera. Are there any of the original ground breakers still whirring? Where do you get batteries for it?

d. Okay, now we go out past where the buses run. Who is using – professionally – the oldest and smallest memory card? Do they shoot with their fingers crossed?

You can pursue this line of enquiry for the enthusiasts and amateur users as well. They don’t have to earn a living with the gear like to pros, so they can indulge themselves a little more with older gear and odder choices. Some may have gotten their gear together from scraps and some may have invested in everything that the makers put in their advertising pictures – including the bellows unit.

If you can write in and tell me, I will publish the results. You can remain anonymous if you wish, though there is really nothing to be ashamed of getting good value out of your equipment.

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