Lust You Can Admit To In Public

Lust You Can Admit To In Public

You want to be careful when you reveal your lusts in public. There are people writing these things down and storing the information away. You never can tell when you might become famous and then they’ll remind you…

But one of the lusts that you can admit to openly with a great deal of pride is wanderlust. The dictionary defines it as a strong desire to travel. Up until 2020 it was looked upon as a very good thing – a modern, trendy, cosmopolitan urge that did good things for you and everyone associated with the thing; airlines, hotels, clothiers, camera shops, etc.

Currently it is under the 2020 cloud of viral restrictions – a sad fate for a happy word. We are assured that one day it can be available to us once more -with some caution – and that we can be lusty somewhere other than the back yard. We all watch the news and the serum lab reports and hope.

But in the meantime, can we be wanderlusty here at home? Or here in Western Australia? We sure can. And that’s what I think Saul and Howard were getting at when they came up with the name for the new CE shop. We can have fun that isn’t on the seat of a Boeing – and we can do it in lots of ways:

a. Travel here in Perth.

Don’t laugh – you can do a very great deal of travel here in the metro area, and if the Main Roads are digging up the Freeway yet again for the tenth year straight, you can do it very slowly…While you are admiring the orange traffic cones or the container trucks on your local highway, think of some good music. If you can’t get it in the car, come home, put on the hifi, and relax into a set of Sennheisers, Sonys, or Panasonics. You won’t move faster on the freeway but you can erase the memory of rush hour.

If you sit on the train in headphones expect people to say things to you to make you take them off. That’s people. There are things you can do about it.

b. Travel on the foreshore.

Any foreshore -as long as it has a bike path or footpath, you should be able to get this little electric torpedo trolley to help haul you around. Get out in the fresh air and get some exercise – see the sights and fall over occasionally. That’s what Dencorub and Ibruprofen are for.

You can play at being a cyborg while you’re at it.

c. Travel in the mind

Instead of being puzzled or horrified or condemnatory about robots, get yourself a construction kit and make one. The smaller kits are simple and the larger ones can be made to destroy civilisation. What are you waiting for?

If these ideas seem a poor substitute for the overseas flights to crowded cities that you planned to take this year – or the cruise that you booked for – go look at the newspaper again. Then start planning a local WA trip with some of the fun goods from the new CE shop.



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