Tether Tools Tiddly Bts

Tether Tools Tiddly Bts

I get to look at the dashboard for this weblog column and stare horrified at how many posts I’ve written. I’m surprised that I’ve had time to eat, sleep, or cement model airplanes together in the years that the column has been written. I took the opportunity to ask the mechanism to show me all the osts with ” Tether Tools ” in them.It turns out I’ve written about the products from this company ten times already.

Well here comes number eleven.

Note: I so admired the idea of their Tether Tools computer tray for keeping a laptop near you while you shot your DSLR in the studio that I pinched their design and made one for myself out of plywood several years ago. Nowhere near as elegant as the real thing, but it worked and proved that they were making a useful item. They have added no end of even better things since. These are two of them:

a. Tether Tools Air Direct Arca Clamp

If you’re firing into an Air Direct wireless transmitter that will connect to your computer or tablet but would prefer to keep the hot shoe on the top of the camera free for other purposes, put an L-bracket on your camera and mount the transmitter on the side. Then connect directly to the socket on your camera with a short orange cord and away you go. Particularly recommended for the Fujifilm X-T2 – 3 – 4 series.

b. Tether Tools Aero Clip=on Hooks

Like the similar Manfrotto leg clips, these will bundle cords and direct them somewhere away from your legs. Life-savers in a dark studio.

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