Switchblade 8

Switchblade 8

I feel I should be writing for the cast of ” West Side Story “. Switchblades were always a forbidden topic when I was a kid and I’d bet they’re not all that legal nowadays, either.

However, you can satisfy your desire to own one with an accessory pack for the Go Pro camera – you won’t use it for gang fights, but it’ll be a real help when you’re diving underwater with the action camera.

Over the years the GoPros have built up an enviable reputation for underwater work – all the way from the first models that were displayed on a video stand here in the shop. There was more excitement buying the camera than most of the Hollywood block-busters of the period. It’s still that way, but divers know that physics and optics can play against them even when they get the best chances.

Put succinctly, life might be in full-colour up here in the dry, but it’s a blue-green world down there and it gets bluer the deeper you go. The sunlight that filters down becomes blue-green and unless you illuminate the fishy portrait subjects with some form of artificial light, they become dull blue too. This is a shame because some of them are spectacularly colourful in themselves. Go google nudibranchs and see what I mean.

To play against this blue dulling, you need some form of red/orange filtering. The traditional way has been to bolt or plaster an orange filter over the lens. Hard to do in the water and hard to change while you are in there.

Enter Switchblade 8. Bolts onto your GoPro with the universal bracket, and you get two strengths of orange/pink filter to deal with the light. Plus the coolest part – there’s a supplementary close-up lens that swings in and out of the lens path so that you can go in for fishy close-ups. The bracket is metal and it is all very well built. Case included.

Note you need to use the correct GoPro 8 protective housing to mount this accessory – we sell ’em as well.

Now, isn’t that better than stabbing people?

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