Why should I advertise Nikon D6 cameras in this weblog column? I cannot possibly sell one of them to any of the readers. Is it all just a waste of electronic space?

Well, my detractors would agree with this. All that can be said about this Nikon flagship camera :

a. Has been said by Nikon.

b. Has been said by Ken Rockwell and DP Review.

Ken’s piece will be the one with the saturated colours and the bit about sending him $ 5….but he’ll write a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the Nikon D6. If you need to know the weight of the eyepiece screws he’ll probably tell you.

And to be fair – his illustration pictures of the actual camera and its parts will be superb. Say what you like about the Route 66 shots with the saturation turned up to “9”, if you want to see the gear clearly, his is the review that will show it.

c. Has been said about the Nikon D5. And the D4, D3x , and the D3. They are all examples in their turn of the top-of-the-range professional DSLR flagship camera.

With this taken into consideration, me tooting it here in half a screen will not sell it….and the secret is that it doesn’t need to be sold. People who need it know they need it – know what they need it for – and know how to use it. They will not buy it without planning to use it, and in most cases that use will result in money coming back to them. This is a working device for professionals.

All that said, if you are not a professional, but wish to have the opportunity to use a camera that will perform to the highest standards in low light, high speed, rough conditions…a camera that will pump out images far faster than any enthusiast one…a machine that will continue for more shutter cycles than you can stand…well this is worth looking at, and through.

Go read Nikon – read DPR – read Ken. Then come in and heft the camera and ask the price. Hefty is the word for both the goods and the cost, but if you can calculate out how many years this will be in operation for you – or better yet – get someone to buy it for you – you’ll be surprised how attractive it all seems.

PS. You’ll need a lens. Nikon make them, too.

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  • Arrrrjay
    Posted at 16:22h, 13 August

    Maybe if I flutter my eye-lids in the right way my sugar mummy would buy it for me. If only I had a sugar mummy…

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