A Gated Community

A Gated Community

All the time I worked in the shop at Camera Electronics in Stirling Street we had a gate at the side of the building – the entrance led to the back parking lot and was locked back at the start of the day. There was a definite security sequence to be followed to open it, walk down to back, open the doors, and then go inside. Get it wrong and alarm bells went off.

Fair enough. Retail security is a thing to be taken seriously, particularly if you are going to have guard dogs on site – or, as in our case, a woolly mammoth. ” Fuzzy ” was intimidating at the start but you warmed to him quickly. It paid to be careful when he rolled over for a tummy rub – he took out a Toyota doing that one day…

Now I note there is a powered gate put up at the old entrance – an advancement that allows the staff to open it for deliveries but close it between times to prevent unauthorised parking in the back yard. This may sound mean, but consider the fact that the shop delivery Mercedes van is parked back there and there are any number of times when it has to go out to do deliveries for the shop – a big printer or a roll of Superior 2720 background paper – and they need to get in and out smartly. People parking athwart the entrance as they wander inside to borrow lenses is no help.

Which brings us to the business of you ordering something and us supplying it. That’s what the on-line department is there for, and the good thing about our shop is that it is big enough to be able to supply nearly anything, but small enough to be flexible in how we do it. If a courier or delivery service is available, that is a good choice – if not, the shop van can cope. I used my personal ute to do the job any number of times and I’ll bet it’s the same today.

Camera Electronic is flexible and imaginative. If you need it, we can probably get it in, and get it out to you.

Note: I remember traffic when you could put a knife blade between successive cars on the Freeway of a morning. It may be different now. I don’t know because I’m retired and I can spend my day on the front porch with a model airplane kit and a cup of coffee and laugh and point at the Freeway drivers. I had no idea there was this depth of cruelty in me…

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