Is It Possible To Do It All?

Is It Possible To Do It All?

And is it possible that we can do it all in one with one outfit? And never have to buy anything else ever again?

I sincerely hope not, and I can tell you no-one else here likes the idea that much, either. This is the photo trade and the essence of the place is to sell cameras, lenses, lights, tripods, bags, etc. to all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. We don’t think one size fits all, and we’ve seen all sizes.

I might rattle on here about an all-in-one tourist or travel cameras that you can take on your next cruise. Hold off on that particular ambition for a bit…but don’t give up on the long-zoom fixed-lens stabilised camera. It can still look at the landscape or the seascape whenever you’re allowed to do so and one day there will be air shows again.

Likewise I have always extolled the little compact camera for interstate trips. It’s still compact and convenient, but as you’ll be shooting in the garden with it for awhile. choose a model that has a macro setting and use your time now to get to know it.

Is it time to leap to the mirrorless system camera that you have been eyeing off? Well, yes. You may not be working weddings, dance, or sport for a while, and the quieter and slower subjects ar perfectly suited to the mirror-less way of working. If you’re hesitant, snap up a refurbished or secondhand  micro 4/3 camera and some lenses and see what you can do with them. Do not be surprised if you find that you can do far more, and do it far better, than you thought.

You can’t swan off overseas right now, but you can experiment with new gear and new ideas close to home. Swan into a CE shop…and stay 1.5 metres away from the staff…or swan over to your computer and browse the online store. We’re happy to have you come as close to the screen as you like.



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