I hope Fujifilm will forgive me for taking liberties with their new little Instax bag that’s sitting on the shelf in Murray Street. Some things just can’t be unseen…It is really a very nice pink.

But it is a given that, like modern motor cars, modern cameras are generally going to be in dull colours. his seems a little odd, considering the fact that we try to sell them to people who we hope will be anything but dull. And we expect them to produce results that explode with colour – all from a grey, silver, or black box. We really are the servants or slaves of convention.

To counter this I have decided to take liberties. Having Photoshop on the computer and nothing better to do on a hot day, I have hunkered down in the air conditioning and redesigned the products. The various maker’s representatives can blench and squirm if they wish – it is no worse than well-known European camera makers digging up marginally-famous graphic designers and then letting them paint and sign the bodies.

And also remember that there are numerous sites that will sell you extra coverings for your camera to jazz it up, You can replace the leather or plastic covering with artificial snake skins and wild pastels – you can stretch a brightly-coloured rubber skin over the entire body. There’s some truly startling stuff out there on eBay. If you don’t mind your camera collecting cat fur and biscuit crumbs, you can make a fashion statement.

First a simple body coat for an Olympus. Elegant.

Or perhaps you are a Sony user and have longings…

There is really no limit to what you can do if you can get them to unlock the spray can cage at Bunnings.

Go on. You know you want one. Now engrave your name on the bottom plate, fill it with white paint, and sell it in a limited edition.



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