So Why Am I So Sleepless?

So Why Am I So Sleepless?

Is it the warm nights? The dog howling? The police cars chasing people in the street?

Naw. This goes on all the time. Sleep like a log through it all. The real reason for the insomnia is the announcement in the electronic press that Fujifilm have released a new model of their X-100 series – the X-100V.

I do not need a new camera. I have five Fujifilm cameras already, and 8 lenses for them. They all work well and do everything I need to do. But they are not doing it all in as compact a package, nor with such sophistication as the new X-100V. The thing has the sort of retro flair that I appreciate and the thought of taking it as the only recording instrument for a trip is very tempting.

I’m no X-100 virgin. I owned an X-100 for years and grabbed it as a go-to camera on numerous occasions. The advent of the other 5 bodies gradually edged it out – particularly when I finally had to admit that the 23mm f:2 lens was brilliant at normal distances but went soft at the edges in the close-ups that I love.

Well, we’ve been told that we get a new sensor, processor, and lens in this new model. The close-up performance has been boosted. We’ll get a tilting screen, a joystick, touch screen capability, and good video. We’ll still be able to use the same batteries as all the rest of the general X-cameras…and this is no small consideration.

I am planning to dog the Camera Electronic managers to find out when we get a camera presentation from Warwick Williams about this new machine. And I’m going to take a model scene to the presentation to try the camera out.

I don’t need a new camera…but…I need some sleep.

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