What Do Canon And Nikon Have In Common?

What Do Canon And Nikon Have In Common?

Well, from the reports in DP Review, apparently neither of them are going work on any more new EF lens designs…

Before you bristle up at that, consider a number of things:

  1. You may have all the EF lenses you need right now. If you’re a smaller-frame Canon photographer who only ever uses the kit zoom, none of this is a worry.
  2. Canon may make all the lenses you’ll need in the future already. If you’re ready to unclip that kit zoom and pop on a prime wide, tele, or standard lens you can get one right now. And sometimes at a bargain price.
  3. If you want to step up a notch in resolution, focus speed, and durability, look at the L series of lenses. Then if you want to go for a fancier body, you are all set. Beware…it is like a game of Chinese Checkers that jumps every which way.
  4. If you would like to transfer off to the parallel trolley line…the new Canon mirrorless system of cameras…you’ll be participating in the next series of optic developments. And there are adapters to let you use your current EF lenses on Canon mirrorless bodies.
  5. It was never a lot of fun to try to glue EF lenses to a Nikon DSLR body anyway…


All this said, it’s still a bold corporate decision on the part of Canon to put their lens design and money eggs in the new mirrorless basket…particularly as they are introducing a new flagship DSLR this year. It shows that they have magnificent confidence in their lenses that already exist.


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