Whaddaya Got, Carlos?

Whaddaya Got, Carlos?

Filters! Filters For Everyone! Olé!

Well, filters for those of us that use smaller cameras but want bigger results. I can see this idea being of use to the Fujifilm, Ricoh, Panasonic, and Olympus shooters in particular. In Carlos’ case it will be his Ricoh GRIII in the tiny little field case he carries.

The NiSi company make very large filters, of course, and some quite complex mounting systems for the wide and zoom lenses that go onto DSLR cameras. In some cases the apparatus that is used to hold a graduated neutral density filter in front of a wide lens can be considerably larger than the camera it serves. Like video rigs, you sometimes have to peer closley to find the camera inside the accessories.

In the case of the Gr III or other small cameras, the frame can be as small as the front of the lens itself. This is particularly the case if the lens is a fixed focal length. Take a look – that NiSi is tiny.

Not tiny, though, are the filters – they are full-size in relation to the front element of the lens and there’ll be no vignetting. No degradation of the image quality, either – these are premium coated filters. You’ll note that you can control glare with the polariser, tone down overblown skies with the graduated ND, or drop the shutter speed dramatically with the 3 X all over ND filter. Not so sure what they ” Natural Night ” one means but the literature says it stops light pollution for  long exposure star shots.

If I could stay awake after 10:00PM I’d be able to tell you whether it works…

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