The Emporium

The Emporium

Camera Electronic has always been an emporium – and you are encouraged to go look at the dictionary definition of the word. It has sold a vast array of goods over the last 50 years and it has had an advantage over many of the competitors – the owners and operators have maintained secondhand dealer’s licences all during that time. This has given the shop the chance to see a lot more of the gear that is actually in use throughout the state – and in some cases it has allowed us to trade it in as well.

Has everything that’s come past the door sill been good? No. There have been some hair-raising cameras made in the past 100 years and quite a few of them got to Perth in the hands of tourists and migrants. When they palled, the owners would come in and try to sell them. In most cases they could be refused politely – and if we had a chance to show the more modern goods the customer went off with something more suitable. Some could be retained for novelty horror effect – such as the Leicavitch cameras; gold-plated fakes made in the old Soviet Union. Fortunately few disasters ever had to be offered for resale, and the buyers bought them for novelty and comedic effect.

As an aside – with the repair department of Camera Electronic willing to tackle some of the more difficult cases of  photographic resuscitation, even dead dodo cameras have a place – as spare part carcasses. Of course the weak parts of weak cameras always fail first, so getting them from other weak cameras could be a problem. Camera repair technicians have nerves of steel…or rubber. Either way, you can play ” Duelling Bronicas ” on them…

When you browse the secondhand, demo, and ex-rental shelves of Camera Electronic you are seeing a little way into our history. We don’t have the vast array of oddities that once baked in the window – but what we do have is good, workable stock. In the case of the demo and ex-rental items they can be very workable indeed. I don’t hesitate to peer into the shelves every time I visit the shop to take advertising pictures and occasionally that peering has done my budget a power of good. So can it for you.

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