Warning: Trigger Words

Warning: Trigger Words

You might be forgiven for thinking that wireless triggers are simple things. So they are when all you wish to do is tell a circuit to close at a distance from the camera. You put a transmitter on the hot shoe of the camera, a receiver under the Speedlight out in the distance, and fire away. As long as the things are plugged in correctly and the AA batteries are fresh, it works every time.

When you start to go TTL, however and start to introduce different models of different maker’s flashes, the whole thing becomes as complex as a spider’s web. Here’s a collage of images from the different trigger systems here in the shop on just one day. Beware that not all triggers made are shown – you have miles to go in this forest before you can sleep…

If you feel daunted, consider the Profoto Connect or Air system. They match the Profoto flashes but are very simple to operate.

Or if you are not concerned about TTL and can manage your own flash levels, do as I do – get a Hähnel Captur system to match your camera and just carry on regardless. The sets suit a number of camera makers and you can get receivers as singletons to add to additional flashes. A little extra trouble to set each flash on their own, but then a lot less fiddling with a central controller and a lot less cost to the system.


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