Sigma And The Small Big Screen

Sigma And The Small Big Screen

Cue dramatic music. Roll footage of medieval armies preparing for battle. Introduce animated flags either side of the picture: ” Tilting Screen ” vs ” Fixed Screen “.

Now let the customers and camera club members sqaure off and have a go at each other…it’ll be good for business.

I am happy to take my stand on the issue – square in the middle with a foot in either camp. Two of my cameras have tilting screens and two don’t. They ALL have viewfinders of various types, and these are dead useful when taking outdoor shots in bright sun.

Yet all the LCD screens can be turned up to work brightly as well. The one thing you need to remember with them is not to depend upon them at all for action shooting – they all lag behind reality by enough micro-time to miss the peak of any action. If you’ve got camera settings that ask the camera and lens to automatically focus and assess exposure for every shot you are guaranteed of missing out.

Answer? Optical viewfinder and preset focus and exposure. Or just make sure that the camera is aimed at about the right spot and peer over the top when it comes time to release it. In these instances, the users of the old film Leica, Rollei, and Graphic cameras could all laugh at us. They got the shot when it happened because they saw it happen.

Don’t grind your teeth in rage, Digital Photographer. A second after the shot has been taken you win big-time because you have the entire universe at your fingertips. The camera shows you the results and analyses what produced them – the entire recipe laid out for you. Like it? Carry on. Needs more salt? Add it and away you go, with the confidence that you have what you need in the bag. If you are a RAW shooter you have about 5 or six stops of leeway either side of the exposure to save you later from disgrace.

If you press the screen button on the Sigma fp you also get the histogram. This is useful but sometimes you see people fretting over it far more than over their composition, timing, or vision. That’s something we used to leave until we were in the darkroom and could hide as we worried…

Still haven’t pressed the Color or Tone button yet…

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