Lock Up Or Lock Down

Lock Up Or Lock Down

I’m not fussy – lock something, somewhere…anywhere…just lock.

Take out your speed light – the portable flash you bought for your digital camera system. The one with the tilting head. Look at it. I’ve got two from MFM* and they are both objects of annoyance:

  1. The smaller, cheaper, one has a tilt head, all right, and the head has several detent stops in its travel from dead forward to straight up…but there is no lock on any position. Put a flash modifier like the Mag Mod or Lastolite diffusers on there and as soon as you tilt your camera the whole thing flops over out of position. Half the time you are holding the camera and the flash in a very awkward embrace.
  2. The big expensive one has a lock on the bottom position – full forward – and on the straight up position…but nothing in between. Again, f you need an intermediate position and tilt your camera you have a monkey juggling act instantly.

I am seriously considering the MagMod Magshoe as a solution to the problem. You tilt this one with the pistol grip and the orange trigger and it is a solid lock at any position once you release the thing. The that means I can go down or up as needed and leave my left hand free for the zoom ring. If I opt for a prime lens and leave the AF turned on I can grip the Magshoe in the same way that the old Graflex flashes worked and not have to relinquish a grip on anything to do any adjustments. Grip and grin…

The handle has a positive lock for the cold shoe as well. you can rotate it with one hand and still keep hold of the camera. It will pop onto a standard light stand spigot easily. It will also support all the heavy-ish accessories that MagMod make. My current favourite is the big white scoop – it does most of the in-shop shoots against a white backdrop and is nearly as good as a beauty dish.

You never, never know until you have a little go, so I’ll be trialling the system in Stirling Street.

*  My Favoured Manufacturer. You all have your own, and some of you have been treated with more kindness in the strobe and speed light department by yours than I have.

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