Another Shallow Nikon

Another Shallow Nikon

That sounds like a waspish little criticism, but it’s not. It’s actually praise for the decision that the Nikon designers made when they decided upon a short telephoto for the new mirrorless Z system.

Short tele has always been the choice for portraitists in the film era. Now that we are in the 24 x 36 digital era the same optical rules apply as before and this focal length can come back as a head and shoulders choice.

At 80 cm – the closest focusing distance  – and the widest aperture of f:1.8 – you’ll have a whopping depth of field of 54 mm! Everything else is going to be bokeh and/or mush. Very good mush, though, as this is the highest performing 85mm lens Nikon has made.

Also one of the sleekest – it all happens inside and it all talks to the camera inside. You’ll get a choice of AF or manual outside and the biggest focusing ring you’ve ever seen.

And a very clean back end – Nikon lens designers must have had a week-long party when the management decided to move on from the old F mount. No more snagging the lens contact pins on your sweater. No more trying to squeeze a week’s worth of light through a day’s worth of mount.

Now – I want to see the Nifty Fifty Nikkor S f:1.8 that debuted with the new camera in operation too. And dare we ever hope for a Shorty Forty to make the new body a little more packable?

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