A Word To The Fujifilm Wise

A Word To The Fujifilm Wise

I wouldn’t like this to get out to the fans of other camera makers but we need to talk. There are new cameras in the offing and we don’t yet know what they are going to be like. We need to be prepared.

I say ” we ” because I am one of ” us ” . I used to be one of ” them ” but ” they ” complained and I had to run for it. In any case I currently have 5 Fujifilm cameras sharing 7 lenses and can claim at least a passing acquaintance with the brand. And that means I know what they do when no-one is looking.

They use up their batteries.

It was sort of sad with the Fujifilm X-10  – those slim little batteries the size of halloween chocolate bars. You could do wonders with the camera but you needed 3 charged batteries every time you left the house.

Then the X-100 and a slightly larger battery…and you needed three batteries every time you went on holiday.

Now the X-E2, X-T10, X-Pro1, and X-T2…they all share the same battery but guess how many you need to take when you are going to do a dance show or wedding…

The main word is, buy another two batteries. And buy a Hähnel  Pro Cube 2 charger to fill them up.

You’ll get a charger with your Fujifilm camera, of course, but this will only have one bay. If you hope to keep up with the power-hungry little sucker you’ll need more than that. The Hähnel will charge the WP 126 or WP 126S in quick time and give you a readout as to percentage of charge as it does so. Short of a power adapter and a long AC cord ( and I have considered it…) there is no better solution to the problem.

Over to you, Fujifilm.

Note to users of Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. – Hähnel make dual chargers for you as well.

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