The Night Nikon

The Night Nikon

My days of Oohing and Ahhing over exotic lenses are largely past since I have settled down to do standard things with modest equipment. But there is still a reserve of gurgling noises I can make when I see a really fabulous example of something. When I paused recently from taking product shots in front of the Nikon stand at Stirling street I turned around to the Nikon Z cabinet…

At 58mm and f:0.95 this is one Nikkor S lens that never enters the Ho-Hum category. It is built to project upon a 24 x 36mm sensor and if you took a portrait of a head at 2 metres using that widest aperture the depth of field would be all of  about 4 cm. Choose eyes and nose or eyes and ears ’cause you ain’t going to get all three in focus!

Move closer to the subject at the closest focusing distance and that depth of field drops to 39mm. Eyes only and there had better not be long lashes.

The portraitist who uses this can play with the out of focus appearance as much as they like because the lens has it to spare. The price they pay is the size and weight of it plus the rather unwieldy shape. It’s mitigated by the hefty tripod mount on the bottom. And I’ll be willing to bet that tripod mount is occasioned by another use for this lens – surveillance in dark areas.

The monetary cost is also likely to be more than somewhat – our website says a deposit for pre-order of $ 500.  No idea what the finished price will be.

One thing you can see from the design and supply of this lens – and early on in the Nikon mirrorless saga – the Nikon designers do not see the line of mirrorless as a glamourless or pedestrian exercise. They are going into it whole-heartedly with exotic plans.

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