Talk Is Cheap

Talk Is Cheap

At least cheaper than it used to be – and can be done at a greater distance.

There’ve been wireless microphone systems for a long time in the cinema and video industry, as well as in the public speaking world. It’s a no-brainer that some way of letting a speaker move and turn without a wire connection to the voice recorder makes for greater contact with the audience. Up until now, however, it has been a costly and bulky exercise. No more.

Enter the Røde company here in Australia – famed for professional-quality microphones at affordable prices. They produce the Røde Wireless GO system for simple interviewing purposes.

You can clip the transmitter to your clothing and it’ll act as a microphone itself – or you can opt to use it as a beltpack for a Røde lavalier mic. The two will synch in 3 seconds and the output from the receiver can be fed into your camera with the standard 3.5mm plug. You get a choice of three output levels so your camera will not be overwhelmed.

Weight? 31 g. each – you will not have to lift a tonne to film a long sequence. You’ll get a 70 metre range as well.

Result? Easy video making with good sound and no technical fiddling or drop-outs. If you are a vlogger or a YouTube presenter, do us in the audience a favour and get a good mic system like this – it’ll have us watching you a lot more.*


*  Helps if you have a story to tell, a script, and lighting as well, but take it a step at a time…

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