Small Square and Big Square – It All Works For Fujifilm

Small Square and Big Square – It All Works For Fujifilm

We’ve been showing the Fujifilm Instax cameras for some time now – the ones with the coloured bodies, textured cases, slippy shapes, etc.  They are prime candidates for styling and promotion – both because of the moulded design of the camera bodies, and the nature of their prime market; the younger Japanese social shooters. They are attuned to colour, shape, cartoons, entertainment, and fashion. They value fun things. They’re not afraid to show it – they tote the cameras in bags decorated with animé characters with glee.

So where does the camera in the heading image fit into the Instax scene? A large central circle on a copper-coloured square bezel. With a dot on one corner. Now where have you seen that one before…? Don’t worry – I’ll think of it in an Insta…

Well this is big time Instax – this Fujifilm camera takes 6.2 cm x 6.2 cm images that develop in your hand. As we’ve said before, the quality of Fujifilm Instax film is as good as the FP-100C that we used to use in the film packs, though it operates upon a slightly different internal structure. Big square pictures is what it does with a surprising degree of sophistication – close-ups, landscapes, portraits, double exposures, and the inevitable selfie.

But you need to be aware when you shop for your film – this is the larger square stuff in a distinctive packaging. It’ll be about a $ 1.50 a picture.

You’ll have to lose some of your digital profligacy and shoot for keeps early on. Of course, if you get good at it the problem will be getting the pictures back from people when you show them off. ” Oh, just print off another one…” works when you have a digital file but it’s a different kettle of pixels when you’ve got the only original. If you’re beset by voracious relatives get one of the Instax cameras  that records onto a small SD card as well as the film.

Saves a fight.

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