Market Place Choice

Market Place Choice

Every week or so the WEST AUSTRALIAN newspaper runs a section called Market Place that takes a Camera Electronic ad. We vary it throughout the year and it does pretty well. The brief that’s given to the writer is to pick a product that fits into a price bracket – it’s never too dear – and set it out for the average punter in the paper. This is fun to do.

I’ve completed the latest one for a Joby product, and it’ll be fine, but I was a little torn in my work when I realised that we had several good candidates for the page. As it turned out the Manfrotto PIXI Smart lost out on only one point – the packaging.

It’s a sealed packet, and I hesitated to rip it apart for the illustration shot. The pack shot through heavy plastic was done on the floor of the main sales area and showed too many reflections – that yellow hot spot is the edge of the Nikon cabinet. If it had been in the Little Studio I could have lit it to avoid this.

Well, that’s the sort of tiny factor that gets one product out over another…but you can still benefit with this Manfrotto mini-tripod if you are a mobile phone shooter. You will even appreciate it if you are a mobile phone talker and never take a shot. Because it is not only in the car that hands-free is a good idea.

Ever do a video phone call to someone on your phone and try to prop it up on a Kleenex box and/or the cat to get it at the right angle? Does it stay that way for long? No. Buy a PIXI Smart, clamp the phone into it and set it on the table. Problem solved.

Want long exposure phone shots on your travels? Haul out the PIXI Smart and shoot that sunset or cityscape.

Want a selfie that doesn’t make you look like a duck? Well don’t purse your lips. Also don’t try to hold it at arm’s length and expect to look good – clamp the phone to the PIXI Smart and get it out away from you.

Come to think of it, when we next change the Market Place ad I might just prise open one of these sealed packages and let all of Perth into the secret – but you can get one before that.

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