Just Buy It.

Just Buy It.

Disregard the fact that we are selling it. If we had any sense we would keep it ourselves.

Buy this Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Take it home and put it on a trophy shelf – because no matter if you are the operator of a gecko farm or a cucumber ranch, you are never going to have anything in your life as green and cool as this camera. And something of that cool style is bound to rub off on you.

This is actually a thing. And not just with Fujifilm. Remember the Leica Urban Jungle mirrorless camera of a few weeks ago – that’s another milestone of cool. You’ll pay more for it and it won’t take instant pictures, but consider buying that one too. And while you’re at it turn over in your own mind some of the milestones ( kilometre stones? ) of the photographic design world in the past few decades. There may still be time to go out and find one for your own Museum Of Modern Art ( ifacts…).

a. The yellow Hasselblad. This was a 501 C/M with bright yellow leatherette cover. The camera was standard but the attitude of the photographer would have been cheerful.

b. The Minolta Prod-20. A film camera that was made to look simultaneously technically advanced, retro, and cool. It was none of those things but the buyers never knew it. You’d never know it from the results, either…

c. The gold Leica. Now there have been lots of gold Leica Luxus seen – some of them made by Leitz and some of them made by liars. I am in no position to judge the real ones, but the Leicaskis and Leicavichs are pretty obvious when you see them. I am assuming that the one shown in Michael’s in Melbourne is real.

Not sure about this one…

In any case, did you have one of the real ones – or even one of the less-decorated models of the time…and if the shutter curtains and springs were working still…you could be the coolest photographer/traveller/poseur on the block. Should you be offered one that fell of the back of a Kettenrad, exercise some caution.

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