Delivered In A Plain Brown Wrapper…

Delivered In A Plain Brown Wrapper…

We live in a era of desperate bagging. Everywhere we turn we are urged to abjure them – or at least to bring our own to save the supermarket from having to give them away. We have the awful decision whether to buy a plastic bag from the checkout person or juggle 18 oranges and a litre of milk out to the car. And then we have to open the boot…with our knees.

It’s about the same in the photographic world, except we do not hesitate to buy new ones. There might still be crusty old cheapskates that carry their new DSLR kit in the leather tub that held the 1964 Spotmatic and will do so until the vinyl strap finally parts – and I have met a person who carried their camera to a shoot in the original box and packing – did the photography, and then disassembled it and repacked it to take it home…but most of the clients of Camera Electronic make it a habit to buy a new bag every time they come to the camera shop.

It is necessary to do this to cope with the extra accessories and lenses that they bought last time they were in, and as this means there is excess storage capacity, next visit will require more lens and camera body purchases. No-one ever gets it exactly right, and this is why we love them.

But this is new. A new khaki/brown colour for the F-Stop bag. Same construction as their grey/black versions – and this means good sidewall protection and decent capacity for the internal cells. Note the nylon and leatherette handles for top carry as well. Tough.

Now, would Sir like a new 12-200 zoom lens for that unused well in the bag? Will Madam take another flash and macro ring? Excellent.

You’ll want another bag as well…

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