The Photographic Bread-box

The Photographic Bread-box

I go into the Camera Electronic shops in Murray Street and Stirling Street for four reasons:

  1. To see the new equipment and learn about the photo events to come. I need this information for this weblog column.
  2. To take illustration pictures that can be used in the reports. I’m always a little nervous about taking images off the net for the column – if I shoot them myself, while they may not be as perfect as the wholesalers or factory advertisements, I cannot be criticised for pinching intellectual property. As none of my writing is particularly intellectual, people can then bandy it about with impunity. Just get the name of the store right: Camera Electronic…
  3. To annoy the staff. There’s nothing staler than an old employee or an old loaf of bread and I have the sort of crust that can hammer nails.
  4. To drink free coffee.

Occasionally I hit what I call a product drought – a time when we are waiting for the next release of a new product or the advent of a new photo expert. Of course there is always news apart from this – like the bit we told you about where Saul and Howard are speaking on an eastern states radio network. And there is always the reportage that might be done of local and national photographic exhibitions and awards. This is generally done by the Marketing Department these days as they have a more sensitive finger upon the pulse of the art and the trade – and they have newer information, faster. You’ll be doing yourself some good subscribing to the Facebook feed and/or newsletter from the shop as a lot of good things might pass this column by.

But I still get to see and hear some interesting things. This week I was shooting products on the shop floor as a staff member conducted a sales consultation with two customers – ladies of my age. I kept schtum for the most part, but I was impressed by how well he was able to elicit what exactly it was that they wanted to do – and what they needed to buy to do it. His presentation of the possibilities was polite and sensible. If they go ahead with the purchase of what he recommended, they will have about a 110% chance of success. The goods he mentioned are stock standard cameras from a reputable maker, and can be used well.

By now you’ve either switched off and gone back to your breakfast or are getting impatient to see where this whole thing is going to. Here it is; there are times when there is nothing in the place that qualifies as the best thing since sliced bread. In these cases, put your fertile photographer minds to work on how you can use sliced bread.

There is no shame in a sandwich, well-made.

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