The Sacrificial Charger

The Sacrificial Charger

I can remember a world without chargers. It also had nickel chocolate bars, Howdy Doody, and John Diefenbaker, so you can see how long ago it was. Since then we have, all of us, accumulated more devices and chargers than we can well use – and the only real solution to the way they have built up is to lose them. That is why we take holiday trips to foreign countries or to Melbourne.

We can lose them deliberately – a sack of old chargers worn under a loose jacket can be scattered from the top of an open double-decker sightseeing bus. Or we can lose them inadvertently, as in a hurried check out the morning after the night before. But lose them we will, and this is why Camera Electronic sells an inexpensive Korjo universal power adapter. It is cheap enough that you can afford to abandon it when you do a runner from the hotel.

If things are not as dire as that, consider the fact that so much of today’s equipment needs a USB port to charge up from. I joke about Melbourne, but there are some of the hotels there that have realised that the guests are power-hungry and have installed whole panels of USB ports in the bedside tables so that you can be all up and running by morning. I applaud this forward-thinking* on the part of the big chains, but the little places will still need the Korjo. It’ll fire up four USB ports – that’s a phone, camera, power bank, and tablet is taken care of.

And you’ll need the Korjo whenever you’re overseas and you encounter the foreign electrical sockets. You may still be in despair in some of the London bedsits, as there are only so many plugs you can carry in a baggage allowance. Try living there in some of the older digs and see if you can listen to the radio without sparks…

Okay, fun over. The Korjo is a boon for the traveller – and if you are so unfortunate as to forget it as you leave, you will not have broken the bank. Can’t say that for some of the more famous branded products…

*  If they put actual booze in the hotel cocktails, the town would be perfect…

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