Good Old Lowepro

Good Old Lowepro

If you are a person who loses things because they have been stored haphazardly – consider that you have lost more than the goods – you have lost the timely opportunity to use them. Too often you’ve settled for making do with an automatic shot because you’ve left the accessories you could have used to do a fabulous job in the desk drawer at home.

Reform yourself before it is too late with sensible storage from Lowepro:

a. Memory cards

If your cards are sliding around the bottom of your camera case amongst the biscuit crumbs and old tram tickets you are going to lose them. You’ll pull something out and the gardens section of the Fosgood-Smythe wedding will come out with it and fall under the reception centre sofa. Try excusing that Mrs. Fosgood nee Smythe next day when she wants to see the proofs.

Guard your reputation as you guard those cards. Put them into a clean, zipped Lowepro Gear Up bag… put that bag onto your belt…and defend it with your life. Which it will be if Mrs. F is unhappy.

Storage and camera accessories are not all about mountain climbing and shark wrestling. Lost wedding shots are more dangeraous than that.

b. Yes, Mr Airport Man, I am carrying a mirrorless camera with a spare lithium ion battery and cables and a charger and here it is in this Lowepro case and no, it doesn’t weigh more then 7 Kg. Bite the next victim – I want to get to my seat and start in on the free champers. Or at least read the ditching card…

c. Are my eyes going again? That picture on the Lowproe organiser case…Oh, wait – that’s a translucent panel with an advertising card behind it. Phew.

And inside? Two padded cases that will hold pretty much all you can see in the Lowepro illustration. A clever person could pack enough for an entire holiday’s pictures in here, just plunk it down on the X-ray conveyer and walk straight through. Provided they didn’t scream like a destroyer siren when they went through the detector loop, it would be a very fast and easy start to that holiday flight.

Which way to the duty free?


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