” It’s A Wrap. “

” It’s A Wrap. “

Finished already? That was a fast column this morning…

Come back. We’re selling wraps, not raps – Tenba 22 inch square messenger wraps to be specific. The secret weapon against airline baggage handlers.

These wraps – and there are smaller ones in the Tenba range as well – are a soft, padded, lined blanket that self-adheres when you fold the four corners over photo gear. The big 22″ x 22″ will swallow a laptop or camera and can then go inside a suitcase or other camera bag to insulate its contents against rubbing and knocking. No more wear marks to make you look like a battle-hardened professional. Even if the battle was at the QANTAS counter.

And a lot more secure than trying to cocoon your optics in old socks inside the Samsonite. These professional covers give your electronics and flashes a fighting chance in amongst the bottles of shampoo and old laundry.

Pack well – pack with Tenba.

Note: These are machine washable in cold water so even if they get manky amongst the dirties you can revive them. Pop into the Murray Street store and pop out with one.

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